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Pine Leaf 2
Pine Leaf

Winston Discovers His Roots

Winston is a young pine tree. As he questions who he is and where he belongs, he discovers that he has many special gifts.

What's the story?

Quark is having a bad day. Quark’s friend, Boson, teaches him how to express his feelings. Quark learns that it is okay to feel upset, but that he can choose to feel better.

You also have some very special gifts! The bonus page at the back of the book will give you a chance to think about them.


This story will be comforting to any child who questions their identity, their place in the world, and their purpose. (tone in all summaries)

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Curriculum-based concepts

Winston Identity


Who am I?

Winston Challenges


How can I get through this?

Winston Belonging


Where do I fit in?

The story brings in the body, mind and breath which is a great combination and really good skill to learn when you are young, especially because we forget those skills.

Dr. Rishma Walji, ND PHD,

Mom to 8 and 12 year old

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Winston Discovers His Roots

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Pine Leaf

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Pine Leaf 2


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