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Big Feelings

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A safe place for little kids to explore 

Stories and spaces for deeply feeling kids

Whoosh Waggle Wobble Wave

Our first illustrated book for children launches this Fall!
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Empowering kids with tools to face life's challenges with confidence

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Emotional Awareness

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Books that build empathy, spark conversation and teach coping strategies

Whoosh Waggle Wobble Wave Mockup.png

Whoosh Waggle
Wobble Wave

Winston Discovers His Roots Mockup.png

Winston Discovers
His Roots

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Big Dream

A world of relatable characters

Every child deserves hope and a friend to guide them through the challenges of growing up. At Higgzfield, kids have a world of friends to identify with and help navigate their big feelings. Through our stories, children learn about:
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Higgzfield Characters 1
Higgzfield Characters 2
✨ Perspective
✨ Empathy
✨ Managing emotions
✨ Decision-making
✨ Coping with stress
✨ Hope and goal setting
✨ Self-discovery
✨ Friendship

A space to learn, grow, and connect through community.

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I like how it rhymed at the end. Helps to easily remember what to do in the moment of being upset. The characters were nice and kind to each other.


8 year old 

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What kids are saying

We're bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to share our first book with you!

W4 Book Mockup Slanted

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