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Not too far away...
warmed by the sun,
kissed by the wind,
positioned by the stars,
mooned by the moon,
hugged by a great forest,
the creatures frolicked in a place called Higgzfield.
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A Place to Heal and Grow

In a universe where we are all connected, harmony and balance is created when we work together for the benefit of all. 


Having big feelings can be a gift if nurtured correctly. Nurture the smallest of things with love, kindness and support and watch what can be. It all comes down to love. All we need to grow and heal is love.


The Higgz Particle brings balance to the universe. It is known as the God particle, when things are out of balance, what we need more of is love. Here at Higgzfield, you can come and experience that while you grow and heal - until you find your balance.

Winston and Miss Higgz
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Buzzy Bee
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The Higgz family

Have you ever wondered what happens when you put the love in, where does it go? Well, it comes right back around. Love is the answer. 


A place of restoration - the Higgs family care for the land known as Higgzfield. It is a sanctuary for the creatures to come as they are, to grow and heal. Through acceptance and freedom to be, the animals are able to express feelings, discover their true identities, develop unique gifts and achieve their dreams. 

Who lives in Higgzfield?

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